Agilysys User Conference & Executive Summit 2017

Calling Food and Beverage (F&B) operators from Hotels, Casinos and Restaurants to our dedicated F&B Experience Room.

Engage in scheduled spotlight sessions designed to reveal innovative opportunities to drive revenue and remarkable guest dining experiences.

Get hands-on with devices, meet the experts, and gain immediate insight into our F&B product vision and solutions to delight your guests, staff and management.




AGY-01: Business Value of Above Property Solutions On-premises or cloud? As cloud solutions encompass more and more of the computing landscape, the question is not if, but when and how much do you move to an above property solution that is not entirely (if at all) located at your own location. The answers to those questions become clearer if you quantify both the cost and the benefits of ownership for all alternatives. This session provides an overview of the process of developing a data-based technology assessment framework.

AGY-02: Airbnb Nine Years Later Join us for a discussion of the impact Airbnb is having on the hospitality industry. We'll compare the original fears to the reality, contrast responses, take a look at the fast followers, and pull together what we can about their next moves.

AGY-03: Universal Guest Profile Single, unified, guest identity. The rGuest Platform promises to simplify guest experience management. Central to that effort will be an ability to uniquely identify customers within and across properties and services. In this session we'll explore the complexities and describe the rGuest approach to the problem.

AGY-04: New Technology at Every Turn, How to Assess New Project Ideas "All ideas are good, as long as they're mine." "If the boss is in the room, everyone just agrees with him/her and we never do anything new." "Nobody even bothers to contribute anymore, we just end up doing what [aggressive personality person] says we should do." Sound familiar? This session picks up where the "Notes from the Fringe" session ended at last year's Inspire. We'll provide a framework for idea evaluation that limits emotional championing and gets everyone's voice heard.

AGY-05: Eye on Technology: Machine Learning The promise of machine learning in hospitality is taking shape. From it's initial applications in rate management, through menu design, and onto marketing and advertising, few technologies hold so much promise for the hospitality industry. Bonus: The top three ways machine learning can mislead you.

AGY-06: Customer Support: It's a Whole New Game Throughout 2017, Agilysys will roll out investments in customer support designed to simplify problem resolution, improve early warning, share best practices, and increase communication across the community. In this session we'll explore the new support experiences at Agilysys. It's truly a whole new game.

AGY-07: Enterprise Grade Services Expert professional services goes well beyond software installation. From training to business continuity, Agilysys ensures fast, smart and effective consulting and services. Learn about how we manage enterprise grade deployments and their implementation methodologies. Discover the options available to get more from your Agilysys investment.

AGY-08: Women and Other Leaders in Hospitality; Fireside Chat This panel will discuss the pipelines and pathways open to women seeking leadership roles in hospitality. Panelists will share their experiences as leaders in hospitality and the obstacles they faced on their personal journey. We'll take questions from the audience and provide time to mingle with the women blazing the path to leadership in hospitality.

AGY-09 F&B: Support; Getting Up Close and Personal Be it InfoGenesis, LMS, Visual One or any of the rGuest cloud platform solutions it’s the personal touch of our support teams that ensure your troubles are answered, personally. Meet and greet the Support Supervisors for each of your Agilysys products, sign up for a Lunch and Learn for your staff on topics that will have the biggest impact on your operations and even get a demo of the Ticketing Portal.

AGY-11: Cooking Demonstration by Executive Chef, Michael Demers

With M Resort’s Studio B Exhibition Kitchen as the setting, Executive Chef Michael Demers will entertain your senses as he demonstrates how to easily create a hearty winter risotto in your own kitchen.

AGY-12: Behind-the-Scenes Tour of M Resort F&B Operations Join us on a journey through the M Resort as we tour behind-the-scenes of various F&B venues. This tour will include a trip to the keg room, the warehouse, the main kitchen, the pastry shop and the Hostile Grape. You are in for a treat! Be sure to wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.

AGY-13: The Butterfly Effect: The Role of Chaos in Success Join us for an intimate session with the esteemed Jeremiah Tower. Jeremiah was the executive chef and owner of Stars in San Francisco, one of the highest grossing, most innovative, and profitable restaurants in the United States and executive chef and co-owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. Jeremiah Tower was largely responsible for creating what became known as “California Cuisine.” In this session, Jeremiah will share stories of the Butterfly Effect and its impact on his career.

AGY-14: Current and Emerging Trends in Foodservice Technology There is a seismic shift occurring in the industry as legacy systems are rapidly being replaced by Cloud-based solutions, and on-location licensed applications being supplanted by software-as-a-service models. This, and the growing presence of iOT (Internet of Things) products and applications is opening new doors of opportunity in service levels and business visibility. Toby Malbec, Managing Director of ConStrata, will share his insights drawn on his 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, and will provide his thoughts as to where the industry as a whole is headed.

DataMagine™ Document Management

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DMS-01: DataMagine™ Overview and Roadmap

More than guest signature capture, come walk through the modules available for DataMagine. From Barcode to document imaging to driver's license scanning, learn ALL the ways DataMagine digitally captures critical content.

DMS-02: Increasing Efficiencies While Reducing Operational Expenses - and Save a Tree It's not just a paper problem anymore. At a hotel, resort or casino, one of the first live engagements for guests is with the front desk. Depending upon the systems in place, there could be long lines, unhappy employees, paper trails, and many other inefficiencies. DataMagine offers a solution.

Eatec® Solutions

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EAT-01: Future of Food Service Procurement; Roadmap for Eatec®

Key developments from Eatec to drive efficient and simple food service procurement.

EAT-02: Eatec® Power User Group; Sharing is Caring 
Join us for an Eatec advanced user forum for sharing new ideas and strategies designed to deliver operational efficiencies. Learn how to leverage the enhanced procurement and inventory feature sets to do more and go deeper into best practices and workflows. Discover how Eatec is utilized in various Educational, Hotel, Restaurant and Casino environments. Members of our Development and Engineering teams will be help lead this interactive conversation. 


EAT-03 F&B: Eatec® Data on the Go Learn about the various scenarios and value drivers that are inherent in mobile access to enhanced dashboards and reports from Eatec.

EAT-04 F&B: Loyalty to Local Pays Off Sustainability and buying local values continue to drive guest behavior. Learn how to transparently demonstrate your commitment and how it can augment your reputation and revenue with tools inherent to Eatec.

EAT-05:Eatec Recipes, Finished Goods, and Impact on Inventory Kristi Kidder (Pastry Chef and Eatec Consultant) will provide a cooking demonstration for Strawberry Shortcake while explaining how Finished Goods, Recipes, and Production interact within Eatec to help you better manage your inventory.

InfoGenesis® Flex

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FLX-01: InfoGenesis® Flex - What's New and Coming for POS Mobility Service wherever, whenever. POS mobility is changing the service game. The evolution of InfoGenesis Flex, the Agilysys POS mobility solution, is extending its industry lead and delivering greater value, more flexibility, and increased reliability than ever before. This session discusses product advancements and roadmap.

FLX-02: InfoGenesis® Flex - Real Impact (ROI) of POS Mobility So what's the real value of POS mobility? Seems like a good idea, but does it really pay off? Gain insights into actual ROI from others who are reaping the advantage of POS Mobility. Walk away empowered to calculate and realize your own ROI potential.

FLX-03: InfoGenesis® Flex - POS Mobility: Customer Highlights and Insights This session explores the outcome of a series of customer surveys and visits to understand real world experiences around POS mobility. Compare your own experience to the responses we've captured. Benefit from the experience of the early adopters and avoid hidden pitfalls.

FLX-04 F&B: Physical Interaction and Options for POS Mobility Operational considerations for POS Mobility. Tips and tricks around kinetics, printing and other proven device carrying techniques. This session explores the physical management of POS mobility devices.

FLX-05 F&B: Table Side Tendering Options in an EMV World

Live demo of InfoGenesis mobile payment device handling across various customer card validation methods.

InfoGenesis® POS

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ING-01: InfoGenesis® POS - What's New & Roadmap In this session we explore what’s new and where the InfoGenesis product is going. Learn about the latest version and walk away understanding the InfoGenesis roadmap and direction.

ING-02: How rGuest® Seat Enriches Your POS Solution How do you add value to your InfoGenesis investment? How do you improve your guest experience, enhance your understanding of your business, bump up tips, and bring customers back for more? rGuest Seat can accomplish all of that and more. This session explores rGuest Seat, its integration with InfoGenesis and the guest, staff, and management experiences it enables.

ING-03: Integrating Self Service Kiosk Solutions in F&B to Improve Utilization and Guest Satisfaction How does a company add guest self-service ordering and payment solutions to its F&B venues? In this session we explore the rGuest Buy self-service kiosk solution. From grab and go scenarios to Café, and on to non-traditional and revenue rich settings, rGuest Buy is the custom built next generation kiosk solution from Agilysys. Learn how this seamlessly integrated solution represents the ultimate InfoGenesis partner.

ING-04: Getting More Out of Your InfoGenesis® Investment: The rGuest® Advantage This session is an overview of Agilysys products that integrate with and add value to your InfoGenesis investment. From rGuest Buy and rGuest Seat, to rGuest Analyze, Agilysys integrates the best of the our new portfolio of products with InfoGenesis to bring new value to your existing POS investment. New guest experiences, new service options, and actionable insight into what's working, what's not.

ING-05 F&B: InfoGenesis® Advanced Tips & Tricks

When it comes to InfoGenesis, there are regular users and there are power users. Power users require efficiency at every step and top-notch performance. Attend this session to learn from InfoGenesis power users.

ING-06 F&B: InfoGenesis®: Insight into Insights

Create dashboards and visualize the data you capture every day. Gain critical insights into what's working, what's not, and stop common types of fraud dead in its tracks. rGuest Analyze can transform your InfoGenesis POS data into actionable knowledge and meaningful insight.

Lodging Management System (LMS)
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LMS-01: What's New in LMS v7.3 and Other Enriched Experiences Coming Soon

A review of some of the newest LMS 7.3 features that you may not have known about including group auto leveling and player point pre-authorization. But wait! There's more; stay with us to explore the roadmap of enhancements designed to enrich the experience for guests and operators.

LMS-02: LMS Hosted

Leverage Agilysys expertise and save on infrastructure costs. Learn more about our new hosted model for LMS.

LMS-03: Deep Dive into LMS Features You Should Know About

A deep dive into LMS master files, GMG defaults, and CASH controls. Discussion on some of the LMS switches and how they can affect your business.

LMS-04: Meet the LMS Experts Join our panel of LMS experts as they discuss best practices for using LMS in various areas of your property, including: Interfaces, Reservations, Finance, Software Development and more.

LMS-05: LMS Support - Behind the Scenes

Learn how Agilysys support works and get tips on how you can optimize your support experience.

LMS-06: LMS Easy Post Learn how LMS and b4easypost by b4checkin can streamline your acceptance of 3rd party payments.

LMS-07: Data Centric Approach to Profitability with LMS and rGuest® Analyze Insights from your property management systems can help you make data driven decisions that result in higher profitability and enable you to spend more time with your guests.

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PAR-01: Agilysys and the Partner Ecosystem Partnership at all levels is central to the Agilysys mission and vision. It's a part of our DNA. Nowhere is that more in evidence than in the area of technology and service partners. In this session we'll discuss the Agilysys partner team mission, highlight key partnerships, and discuss the future of partnership with Agilysys. Attendance is essential for anyone making strategic technology decisions or looking for ways to quickly add value to their existing technology investments.

PAR-02 F&B: Devices and Accessories; Showcased for Your Viewing Pleasure Hardware to simply do more at checkout, table side and in the kitchen. See all the accessories paired with Agilysys solutions that are relevant to F&B.

PAR-03 F&B: Cloud-Based Workforce Management Managing staff schedules can drive business leaders crazy and leave the business exposed. See a live demo of HotSchedules® in action with mobile apps that will keep staff engaged and on time. Managing your workforce with a simple, cloud based solution.

PAR-04 F&B: Ingenico Sneak Peek Get a sneak peek at what's next from Ingenico for POS and Payment terminals.

PAR-05: Microsoft® in Hospitality As an important technology partner, Microsoft® solutions and its intelligent platform enable hospitality organizations to deliver personal, seamless, and differentiated guest experiences by empowering people and capturing insights to drive growth. As Agilysys leverages Microsoft® in client applications as well as platform infrastructure to ensure continued innovation across the solution set, learn how to put guests first with technology that engages at a personal level.


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AGY-10: Agilysys Products Overview

Surf through the Agilysys product portfolio to learn the top of the waves view of the depth of our expertise and breadth of the product and service portfolio. Sprinkled with points of integration and better-together insights, you'll gain an understanding of where we were, where we are, and where we're going.

rGuest® Analyze

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ANA-01: The Future of rGuest® Analyze

Data, data, everywhere. There isn't one answer to managing guest and operational data. In this session we explore the path Agilysys is taking to enrich Business Intelligence in the hospitality industry.

ANA-02: Learn How to Leverage Business Intelligence for Improved Food and Beverage Operations and Profitability

Do more with the data you already have or extract en mass within your own infrastructure. rGuest Analyze offers rich business intelligence tools integrated into your POS solution or alternatively powers your establishment to get clean, well formatted data through cloud enabled Data-as-a-Service.
ANA-03 F&B: Reports and rGuest® Analyze How to set up reports and dashboards with rGuest Analyze to get more out of what's bundled with your POS SaaS solution.

ANA-04 F&B: Insight into Insights You don't know what you don't know. Learn what to look for in your data to derive insights into your F&B business. You know what the top selling item is but do you know WHY it's a top selling item?

rGuest® Buy

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BUY-01: Self Service Strategic Solutions for F&B Venues Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs and Improves Guest Experience

rGuest Buy is powering onto the stage. The self-service solution opens new opportunities to increase revenue, delight guests, and streamline operations. In this session you'll learn how to custom fit our rGuest Buy self-service solutions into any type of F&B venue.

BUY-02 F&B: Corporate Café Layout & Self Service Solutions Self-service solutions and opportunities in the corporate café. Learn about varying café concepts such as single pass, multi pass, and how venue layouts affect guest experience.

BUY-03 F&B: Self Service Menu Management for Increasing Kiosk Utilization & Revenues

Attention to detail is the key to success. Learn how to utilize guest facing menu display to improve revenue.

BUY-04 F&B: See rGuest® Buy Self Service Kiosks in Action Come see our rGuest Buy product suite in action. You be the guest, order what you want and we'll let you know where you can pick up your goodies.

BUY-05 F&B: Grab N Go & Self Service In this session we'll walk thought how to easily establish a convenient, grab and go market, and why you want to.

rGuest® Pay

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PAY-01: rGuest® Pay Gateway – What’s Next?

This session will provide an overview of the current status of the rGuest Pay product platform, new gateway features which are in the works, and a perspective on the direction of the payment industry and rGuest Pay Gateway.

PAY-02: rGuest® Pay - Offering Customers Flexibility and Reliable Platform Connectivity Join us for a view into what is happening with payments at Agilysys. This session will provide an overview of the current status of the rGuest Pay platform offers, new payment features which are in the works, and a perspective on the direction of the payment industry and rGuest Pay ecosystem interfaces.

PAY-03: Lodging Payments Flows that Impact Your Lodging Business Operations

Whether you operate a resort, hotel or cruise ship, payment workflows are pinnacle to staff and process optimization. Learn how rGuest Pay is tailored for hospitality and integrated into Visual One, LMS and rGuest Stay. Topics of discussion include EMV, authorizations for extended stay, closing the transactions and other flows that optimize business operations.

PAY-04: Securing Your Card Data and Reducing Card Fraud

Data breaches continue - join this panel to share facts and best practices to address the unique security needs of the hospitality industry across Payments, POS, PMS and more.

PAY-05 F&B: EMV and Table Service What does it take to support Table Service? How does EMV impact operations, payment terminals and what are the considerations to meet guest expectations? Join us for an interactive session to help you to understand your options for managing payment workflows at your dining locations.

rGuest® Seat

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SEA-01: rGuest Seat Roadmap

rGuest Seat is the best kept secret in the Agilysys product suite. What's next for F&B reservations and connections to InfoGenesis and Visual One. Learn about the new central reservations system.

SEA-02: Keep Them Coming Back with rGuest® Seat Learn how to drive operational efficiency with the next generation in guest management, reservations and table management with rGuest Seat. As an enterprise-class solution, we will discuss capabilities that will help your staff deliver business results and exceptional experience.

SEA-03 F&B: Comparing OpenTable and rGuest® Seat FAQ about OpenTable and rGuest Seat: What's the difference, when to consider rGuest Seat, and how each approach the capture and availability of your data.

SEA-04 F&B: rGuest® Seat as a Reputation and Recruitment Enhancer Join us to see a demonstration of rGuest Seat in action to drive memorable experiences that promote sharing and inspires repeat visits.

rGuest® Stay

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STA-01: rGuest® Stay - Re-imagining Traditional PMS The future of guest experience has no boundaries. So, with rGuest Stay, Agilysys' next generation property management system built on the Agilysys rGuest platform, we blur the boundaries of a traditional property management system so that you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to delivering next generation guest experiences.

STA-02: Lodging Vision and rGuest® Stay Roadmap This session is designed to provide transparency into Agilysys' future of lodging solutions. No matter which Agilysys PMS solution you have, attend this session to learn about Agilysys' plans for its lodging solutions and a deep dive into its rGuest Stay property management system roadmap.

STA-03: rGuest® Stay - Architected to Acquire, Delight and Reconnect with Your Guests Enabling superior guest experience is at the core of this innovative, intuitive, and easy to use cloud-based property management system. Learn how rGuest Stay equips you to improve your revenue opportunities as well as operational efficiencies.

Stratton Warren System (SWS)

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SWS-01: Overview of Stratton Warren System (SWS)

An overview of Stratton Warren System Release to include new release 9.1. Time will be alloted to meet the SWS experts to offer ideas, pick up best practises, and get to know some of the people behind the product.

SWS-02: SWS Purchasing, Receiving and Vendor Invoice Processes This session is designed to discuss best practices for the full purchase to invoice process.

SWS-03: SWSDirect

Come to this session to see how SWS Direct can reduce training costs and streamline your supplier registration processes. Our latest module provides supplier registration and management tools. SWS Direct also provides an intuitive shopping-cart ordering experience for business users who aren't familiar with SWS "base".

SWS-04: Effectively Balancing Inventory & Month End Reconciling with General Ledger

Month-end reconciliations & inventory balancing can be a cumbersome task. This session will help you verify that your processes are optimized, and systems are balanced.

Visual One® Suite

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V1S-01: Visual One® Roadmap Come join us to review the Agilysys Lodging / Visual One roadmap. This session will include insights into market trends and how they are incorporated into the roadmap.

V1S-02: Enhancements in the Visual One® Technical Architecture This session takes a technical look at the ongoing investments in the architectural underpinnings of Visual One. It is technical in nature, and likely best for an IT audience. However, it's also relevant for anyone interested in understanding the ongoing investment in the Visual One product generally, as well as the integration and enhancement potential and stability and reliability investments specifically.

V1S-03: Visual One® Hosted, a New Deployment Option Learn more about the value of a hosted solution, the benefits of hosting versus on-premises Visual One deployments. Explore various paths leading to newer technologies which extend your investment in leading property management solutions.

V1S-04: Revenue Management with Visual One® Need help managing rates and making reservations with Visual One? This session will cover new functionality, including derivative rates and the rate & availability calculator, best practices and tips and tricks for managing rates.

V1S-05: Visual One® Interfaces One of the benefits of Visual One is the flexibility it offers adopters. In this session we explore enhancements to the Visual One interface further simplifying the ways Visual One can work with your existing infrastructure. Learn about the latest enhancements and what is coming to enable a richer guest experience and a more efficient operation.

V1S-06: Managing the Pre-arrival Guest Experience Increasingly, the guest's first experience with your property is online. Explore the online booking and self-service check-in options available for your guests. Enabled through the power of Chameleon and Visual One working together seamlessly, this session covers one of the most exciting, and increasingly critical, aspects of guest experience -- the part that happens before they ever walk through the door.

V1S-07: Visual One® Best Practices Visual One is vast. In this session we'll explore the best practices we've discovered across the thousands of Visual One practitioners world-wide. Efficiencies are everywhere and users are encouraged to bring their own examples.

V1S-08: Visual One® Customer Panel This session features a customer panel in an informal Q&A setting. Panel members each have multiple Agilysys products working together to solve business challenges. During the session we'll discuss better-together product scenarios and address common questions and implementation scenarios.