Inspire 2018 Agilysys User Conference and Executive Summit





AGY-01: Agilysys Products Overview
Surf through the Agilysys product portfolio to learn the top of the waves view of the depth of our expertise and breadth of the product and service portfolio.  Sprinkled with points of integration and better-together insights, you'll gain an understanding of where we were, where we are, and where we're going.

AGY-02: Agilysys Property Management System Vision
This session will provide an overview of our Property Management Solutions: LMS, Visual One, and rGuest Stay and how all three three systems are critical to the future of Agilysys. We will also discuss various concepts regarding how traditional property management systems are transforming hotel operations and the guest experience.

AGY-03: Agilysys Technical Services - Customized Services to Strengthen Your Technology Investment

Technical Services by Agilysys produces custom solutions for a better guest experience and operational efficiency.  Learn about the process for third party integrations as well as the many other services we offer.  We are a trusted resource for your business needs.

AGY-04: What's New, What's Not; The State of Support

Enjoy a high level review of support, the levels of service and past successes.  Learn how many cases and calls, the standards for service levels used within the support unit and the areas of focus for the coming year within the support unit.  At the end, see a live demo of the MyAgilysys Communities and if you like, sign up to have your account activated on the spot.

AGY-05: Understanding the Hardware Repair Process
 WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG??? This is often heard when discussing POS systems and other Hardware in need of repairs. In this presentation, we will discuss the roles of both Agilysys and our customers regarding hardware warranty/service requests. We will discuss what is needed from our customers and our technicians to ensure the timeliest possible resolutions for all of your hardware needs. We will also discuss the workflow most common types of hardware returns and repairs to provide context as to lead times, delays, etc.

AGY-06: Service with Accountability 
The Agilysys support team aims to make us the preferred partner in the industry. To achieve this, we work towards creating partnerships with our customers and being accountable in all relationships we form. We bring confidence to our partners and their guests through an increase in communications and transparent data presentation. We would like to share part of our strategy for support, including how we work towards partnering with customers and help bring about loyalty in not only the relationships between Agilysys and our customers; but also, the relationship between our customer and their guests.  We are working to make the mindset of the customer support team to be “How can we serve you with excellence?” 

AGY-08: Duetto: Drive a Profitable Revenue Strategy with Dynamic, Personalized Pricing

Learn how the deep integration of the industry’s leading property and revenue management solution (PMS and RMS) platforms build the foundation for you to innovate and drive more revenue than your competition.

rGuest® Analyze

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ANA-01: Defining the Next Generation Agilysys Business Analysis Solution

The future of any business domain is Big Data and the way it manifests itself in various ways including providing a platform for data analysis, making real time information available, providing recommendations and predictive analysis (forecasting). This session will cover the vision and roadmap of rGuest Analyze that will help achieving these goals in the hospitality industry.

rGuest® Buy

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BUY-01: Strategic Self-Service Solutions and Designs for F&B Venues

Convert your F&B outlet into an un-attended self-service venue. Increase revenue, reduce costs and delight guests with convenience.
BUY-02: F&B Venue Layout and Self-Service Kiosk Workflows
Map guest facing self-service ordering workflows to your venue layout and business objectives.

BUY-03: Menu Management Optimized for Improving Guest Experience and Check Sizes

Learn how to curate compelling menu workflows for self-service models that  improve guest experience, ordering speed and check sizes.

DataMagine™ Document Management

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DMS-01: Defining the Next Generation DataMagine Solution

This session will explore where DataMagine development is heading in the short-term and into the future.  This interactive class will allow you to speak up and let us know your ideas for current issues you are facing or just ideas for new enhancements.

DMS-02: HTML Forms Processing with DocFlow
Learn how HTML Forms can front end a Workflow Process instead of using Paper.  In DataMagine version 8.7 see how a new online forms tool can streamline process for Human Resources, IT, AP and other departments who still use paper for documents needing approval.

DMS-03: Introduction to OCR, Document Scanning Solutions

Get an introduction to how DataMagine can utilize OCR technologies within your business. Learn how DataMagine can assist you with Invoice Automation along with other examples of OCR solutions.

DMS-04: Purchase to Payment Solutions

See how DataMagine can help you automate your “Purchase to Pay processes” starting with Purchasing through the printing of your AP Check process.  See how DataMagine can capture documents linked to Purchasing Transactions, Receive Invoices and automate approvals using DataMagine DocFlow.

Eatec® Solutions

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EAT-01: Future of Food Service Procurement; Roadmap for Eatec®

Join us for a look into the future of Eatec® development, with an emphasis on mobile accessibility.
EAT-02: Eatec® Power User Group

Join us for a meeting of the Power Users Group, where we will discuss how Eatec® is utilized to increase efficencies, and where users envision the future, with an emphasis on day to day operations.
EAT-03: Eatec® on the Go - Eatec Web/Eatec Pocket
Join us to review the new features in EatecPocket and see the new user experience for Eatec® – created with mobile first ideas in mind, our new UI is responsive, cross-platform, clientless and future proof.

EAT-04: Eatec® Advanced Features. Focus on Features Introduced in Versions 3.7.3 and Later
Join us for a review of some of the newest Eatec 3.7.x features that you may not have known about.

EAT-05: Eatec® Advanced Features. Focus on Ad Hoc Reporting
Demo and discussion of the powerful new tool in Eatec's reporting engine. Define the data you need in the format you choose.

InfoGenesis® POS

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ING-01: Looking Ahead: InfoGenesis Roadmap (Course offered twice)
Find out what's coming next for InfoGenesis. Walk away with an understanding of the InfoGenesis roadmap and direction, including operating systems, hardware and mobility.

ING-02: What's New - InfoGenesis 4.4.10, 4.4.11 and 4.5.0 (Course offered twice)
In this session, we explore the latest releases of InfoGenesis - 4.4.10, 4.4.11 and 4.5.0. Understand the newest P2PE/EMV solutions. Get a deeper dive into new InfoGenesis enterprise capabilities available in 2018, including centralized configuration management, dynamic screen management and horizontal scaling. 

ING-03: InfoGenesis POS Mobility Solutions (Course offered twice)
Agilysys continues to invest and advance POS mobility solutions. Learn What's New with InfoGenesis Flex, including latest hardware options. Gain insight into POS mobility offline F&B operations, especially when working at the edge of WiFi. Get a sneek peek into InfoGenesis' 2018 POS mobility solutions, including Agile Order.

ING-04: Agilysys Xpert: self-paced  e-Learning (Course offered twice)
Dive into the convenient world of on-demand self-paced eLearning at  Agilysys Xpert. Experience how immersive life-like simulations help  maximize entry-level InfoGenesis training (for InofGenesis POS and InfoGenesis Universal Desktop), how you can incorporate your own custom training content, and how to implement the Agilysys Xpert training portal for your teams. 

ING-05: Increase Profitability of Your F&B Outlet by Getting on the BI Train with rGuest Analyze

Business Optimization with the help of Business Intelligence Solutions  is a must have in the world we live in. Don't be left behind. This session will cover the solutions provided by rGuest Analyze to give you the edge in achieving and surpassing your business goals. The session will cover the data exploration and data feed solutions provided by rGuest Analyze.  

ING-06: InfoGenesis LOVES Eatec

See how Eatec provides unparallelled support for pricing updates, menu item availability, and optional cost updates to InfoGenesis POS. 

Lodging Management System (LMS)
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LMS-01: What's New in LMS v7.4

A review of some of the newest LMS 7.4 features that you may not have known about including enhanced reporting and SMS enhancements  But wait!  There's more; stay with us to explore the roadmap of enhancements designed to enrich the experience for guests and operators.

LMS-02: Meet the LMS Experts

Join our panel of LMS experts as they discuss best practices for using LMS in various areas of your property, including: Interfaces, Reservations, Finance, Software Development and more.  This session will be based on specific questions/scenarios submitted by LMS customers in advance of session.

LMS-03: LMS Mobile Check-in / Check-out 

Responsive web application enableing guest to complete more transactions online including check-in, check-out, folio review and enhanced SMS capabilities.  Learn how you can offer your guests dining reservations and even view InfoGenesis checks, from their own mobile device. 

LMS-04: LMS Training, Tips, and Tricks & Hidden Treasures
Join our profesional servces team to explore LMS features and functionality you may not have known you had!

LMS-05: Deep Dive into LMS Master Files

A deep dive into LMS master files, GMG defaults, and CASH controls. Discussion on some of the LMS switches and how they can affect your business.

LMS-06: LMS Interfaces
One of the benefits of LMS is the flexibility it offers through interfaces and HTNG Interfaces. In this session, we explore the vast catalog of LMS Interfaces and best practices around monitoring, support, fully utilizing the integrations.

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PAR-01: Why Upgrade to EMV

Most merchants that don’t want to upgrade out-of-cycle, however it is important to consider not only chargebacks, but also the risks associated with waiting to upgrade to EMV. 

PAR-02: Bringing Gamification to The Hospitality World

Gamification -- the use of game-like elements to make promotions, loyalty programs and staff training more engaging -- is experiencing a resurgence in the hospitality industry. By focusing on the brand new metric of "enjoyability," hospitality companies are tapping into a rich new source of data, differentiating their brand in a crowded field, and driving extraordinary results. This presentation will showcase best practices and case studies from around the world, and will examine both how to get started and what to avoid when thinking about gamification.

PAR-03: Real Time Food Safety - Mobility, IoT, Traceability and Cloud - Presented by ParTech, Inc. 
In the US over 3,000 people die every year from foodborne illness, and another several 100,000 people are hospitalized. The vast majority of these cases are not “Food Recalls” or “Outbreaks” but rather stem from everyday behavior of your average foodservice employee.

PAR-04: Build Your Security Structure with Layers of Resilience In today’s world of privacy breaches, complex compliance regulations, and the litany of other IT threats that evolve at lighting speed, it is imperative to have solid defenses. And if something suspicious is detected, you must respond quickly and decisively before it turns into a major problem. To do this, you need complete confidence that your IT security infrastructure is protecting your organization on many fronts.  In fact, comprehensive security requires a multi-layer approach that puts in place advanced security and compliance technologies along with best practices and expertise.

PAR-05: Enhance, Personalize and Enrich the Guest Experience with Digital Technology
Tom Moore, North America Retail & Hospitality Industry Lead, will discuss the findings and insights from our Global Hospitality Vision Study. You Will Learn: - How Millennials are reshaping the face of the hospitality industry - Examine travelers' preferences, technology requirements and satisfaction needs - How mobile technology is a vital component to the guest experience and visibility into your operations.

PAR-06: Robotics in the Hospitality Industry 

Are robotics the new go-to solution, or are they just a gimmick?  The state-of-the-art for the rapidly expanding application of robotics in the hospitality industry, including the pros, cons, and pre-adoption considerations for this technology will be presented.

rGuest® Seat

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SEA-01: rGuest® Seat Roadmap
Find out what's new and what's coming next in our F&B reservations and table management offering. Learn about the new central reservations system for dining, PMS integrations and more.


SEA-02: Take your Enterprise F&B Operations to the Next Level (Course offered twice)
rGuest Seat is an solution designed and developed with your "Enterprise" operations in mind - multi-venue, complex operations, real-time guest experience and staff needs in a repeatable and scalable fashion. We will discuss capabilities that will help your staff deliver business results and exceptional experience. Learn how to drive operational efficiency with the next generation in guest management, restaurnt reservations and table management and space management with rGuest Seat. 

SEA-03: F&B Panel Discussion
Hear how other enterprise F&B operations are using Seat. Ask questions. Provide feedback. Watch a demo.

rGuest® Stay

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STA-01: rGuest® Stay - Customer Best Practices
This session is for existing rGuest Stay customers.  Meet other properties using rGuest Stay and learn best practices.  In addition have an opportunity to meet the leaders behind rGuest Stay.

Stratton Warren System (SWS)

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SWS-01: SWS Roadmap

Join us for a look into Stratton Warren's upcoming release, 9.2 as well as a hint of future releases/versions.

SWS-02: SWS Did You Know? 
Join us for a look at some of the lesser known, yet critically important features/tips/tricks in SWS. 

SWS-03: SWSDirect   

Come to this session to see how SWS Direct can reduce training costs and streamline your supplier registration processes.  Our latest module provides supplier registration and management tools. SWS Direct also provides an intuitive shopping-cart ordering experience for business users who aren't familiar with SWS "base".

SWS-04: SWS Month End Balancing

Month-end reconciliations & inventory balancing can be a cumbersome task. This session will help you verify that your processes are optimized, and systems are balanced.

SWS-05: SWS Retail (Part 1) (also see subsequent SWS-06 class in next session time period)

A complete overview of SWS Retail, including: creating inventory items, item changes, POS sales download, managing inventories, tools, reports, and issue resolution. (Part 1)

SWS-06: SWS Retail (Part 2) (SWS-01 in the previous session time period is a pre-requesite) 

A complete overview of SWS Retail, including: creating inventory items, item changes, POS sales download, managing inventories, tools, reports, and issue resolution. (Part 2)

SWS-07: SWS Recipes

A review of recipes to include center of the plate discussion, POS interaction, and more.

Visual One® Suite

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V1S-01: Visual One® Roadmap and What's NEW!
Come join us to review the Agilysys Lodging / Visual One roadmap. This session will include insights into market trends and how they are incorporated into the roadmap.

V1S-02: Visual One® APIs - Leverage The Full Potential of Visual One®
This session takes a technical look at the new APIs developed for Visual One this past year. In addition we will review APIs we are currently working on plan to release in the coming year. It is technical in nature, and likely best for an IT audience. However, it's also relevant for anyone interested in understanding the ongoing investment in API enabling the Visual One product.

V1S-03: Visual One® Interfaces
One of the benefits of Visual One is the flexibility it offers adopters. In this session we explore enhancements to the Visual One interface further simplifying the ways Visual One can work with your existing infrastructure. Learn about the latest enhancements and what is coming to enable a richer guest experience and a more efficient operation.

V1S-04: Managing the Guest Online Experience 

Increasingly, the guest's first experience with your property is online. Explore the online booking and self-service check-in options available for your guests. Enabled through the power of Chameleon and Visual One working together seamlessly, this session covers one of the most exciting, and increasingly critical, aspects of guest experience -- the part that happens before they ever walk through the door. 

V1S-05: Visual One® Best Practices
Visual One is vast. In this session we'll explore the best practices we've discovered across the thousands of Visual One practitioners world-wide. Efficiencies are everywhere and users are encouraged to bring their own examples.  

V1S-06: Visual One® Customer Panel
This session features a customer panel in an informal Q&A setting. Panel members each have multiple Agilysys products working together to solve business challenges.  During the session we'll discuss better-together product scenarios and address common questions and implementation scenarios.

V1S-07: Signature Capture for Visual One®
Enhance guest service while increasing operational efficiencies. Add DataMagine ™ document management to your Visual One installation and we can help you Go paperless at the front desk with electronic signature capture.  Also learn more about other DataMagine tools that can be used with Visual One PMS to assist with the paperless process.